Useful Guides

Useful Guides


The positive effect or art is immeasurable and its influence is far reaching. It touches us in so many ways and on so many levels. and we invest an enormous amount of emotional energy in our choice of artwork, in the same way that the artist invests in creating it. Our artwork is a reflection of our personality whether we have chosen it because it evokes a treasured memory of a place or person, or perhaps a feeling that comforts us; art in turn sets the mood of a room and indeed the character of our entire home.


Art sets the mood of your room. so think about the mood you are trying to create. Below we have mad some suggestions which might help.

Fresh & Uplifting: coastal & seascape, cityscapes, splashes & dashes

Calming & Relaxing: floral abstract, floral, landscapes & seascapes

Romantic & Sensual: Dance, Romance, nudes, Fabian Perez


Think about the decor and interior of your home. Choose art that suits the space and brings everything together, that best complements your interior. Below are some suggestions to help you with this.

Modern: abstract, architecture, getty images

Shabby Chic: fashion, collages, shapes

Traditional: floral, travel, music


Think about what you and other members of your family use the room for. Your hobbies and interests can help influence the right art for the space. Explore the links below for some inspirational ideas.

Sport: boxing, football, golf

Animals: cats, dogs, sea life, wildlife

Travel: transport, cars, boats

Food & Drink: tea & coffee, wine, cocktails


The size and shape are important! Try and take into consideration other furniture in the room in relation to where you are placing your new art. The shape of the space? is it better suited to a landscape or portrait shape art? Art going above a sofa for example is normally best suited to a landscape shape painting. Larger open spaces of wall can accommodate bigger framed art, or even try grouping 4-6 different sizes and shape framed pieces to create stunning effects.

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