Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, colour and line to create a composition that does not attempt to accurately represent reality, but more interpret it. Abstract art seeks to break away from the traditional representation of physical objects and aims to interpret a more personal response to a reality.

Iconic abstract artists: Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, William de Kooning

Perfect for: Injecting colour and life into a neutral space!

Whether it be our favourite city or somewhere we still aspire to go, cityscape art is always a firm favourite to inspire your home as well as your travels.

Coastal and seaside art can evoke memories of our favourite holidays. It is often colourful and uplifting and is ideal to add a sense of light and space to smaller spaces.

Figurative art describes any form of modern art that retains strong references to the real world and particularly to the human figure. This can be expressed in many forms (abstract, impressionist, pop art) but always has rootings in the real.

Iconic Figurative artists: Pablo Picasso, Lucien Freud, Fabian Perez

Floral art is a great way to bring the outside inside! It lifts any room and can make a great focal point for any room.

The Hulton Archive is generally regarded as the greatest archive of photojournalism, showing history in pictures over the last millennium. Some images have become universally iconic whereas others may be relatively unknown. This collection features some of our favourites of both...